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Acne & Sensitive

"Elixir cream"

Category: Acne & Sensitive

Rx: Soothe Trouble Skin/ Natural Self-regenerating

Main Ingredients: NaflexTM3,5/ Squalan/ Phytosphingosine (Non silicone)

Volume: 30 ML



  • Elixir Cream is based on 'Jawoongo', a herbal ointment or multi purpose ointment. It is good for soothing and moisturizing skin, especially for sunburn. In addition, it is effective for various skin problems such as very dry skin, itching, sweat and eczema. soothes the sunburns of the summer sun. It is effective in dealing with heat damage that cannot be prevented by sunblock due to the abnormal high temperature in summer. It was developed as a skin-friendly cream by Sonimedi, under OVACO brand the Institute of Bio Cell Fusion & Science, with base of Zaungo, famous oriental ointment medicine for the treatment of patients with skin diseases from a leading Korean medical clinic. Elixir Cream is a cosmetic ointment made of cosmetics, which helps to speed up skin recovery and helps restore dry skin. It was developed as a cosmetic that added strong moisturizing power to patches that were applied to atopic skin with extremely itchy skin. skin regeneration and hydration function can be added, it can be used for a variety of purposes including bruising, sweating, rash, eczema, and itching. It was developed as a skin-friendly formula based on 'Zaungo', which is called a panacea. In particular, it can be used from infants to adults with 12 kinds of natural herbal materials such as Jacho, Angelica, Persimmon, Licorice, Peony, and White Pap.


  • 1. Sun burning skin
  • 2. Acne skin
  • 3. Hypersensitive skin


    Basic Toner → Core Serum → Supply Cream
    When applying it to the face, apply it to the palm of your hand and rub it hard, then apply it as if pressing. You can apply a thin layer of sunlight to your body.

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